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The Unseen War: Israel's Battle for Survival in a World Gone Blind | Israel News

When Theodor Herzl had the vision of establishing the State of Israel, I’m not sure he foresaw this unseen war.

Theodor Herzl Portrait from Israeli Banknotes
(Theodor Herzl Portrait from Israeli Banknotes/Shutterstock)

Since the beginning of 2023, the State of Israel has faced a harrowing wave of terror. With 34 people murdered in 191 terror attacks, the distressing statistics tell a chilling story. A total of 151 of these attacks were shooting incidents, and Israeli intelligence forces foiled an astonishing 480 attacks. Israel news don't always have good news.

Recently, 3 Jewish civilians in Israel were murdered in terrorist attacks - Batsheva Nagari, Shai Nigerker, and Aviad Nir.

Why has this surge in violence occurred? What drives the perpetrators behind these terror acts? Is it time to divide the land to “Palestine” and “Israel”?

How about focusing on the “HOW”? Israeli mother, Batsheva Nagari, was murdered while driving her 12 year-old daughter in the car. Nagari was murdered after being shot at with more than 20 bullets by Palestinian terrorists - all happening before her young, traumatized daughter. Her daughter witnessed how these evil terrorists executed her mother right before her eyes. She called for emergency services. Now she has no mother - only a grave to go to whenever she wants a hug from her mother, a goodnight kiss, or even a meal.

Three Israelis
(Batsheva Nagari, Shai Nigerker, and Aviad Nir z"l)

How could these Palestinians do something inhumane like that? What makes a human being wake up in the morning and decide to murder a Jew for living in Israel? The West has been asking the wrong questions here all along - mostly because it is misguided under the influence of the mainstream media that instead of telling the truth - chooses a one-sided narrative and sticks to it; usually the side of the underdog Palestinian people that may look weak prey of Israeli soldiers. Complete distortion of the truth.

The Misguided Accusations of the West

The Western world often blames Israel for the root cause of the violence, accusing the nation of apartheid and occupation. However, this narrative overlooks the real problem: the Palestinian leadership's 'pay to slay' program. This program rewards terrorists with salaries for murdering Jews, a twisted incentive that fuels hatred and violence.

The 'Pay to Slay' Program: A Cold Reality

One cannot ignore the deliberate funding of terrorism by the Palestinian leadership. The 'pay to slay' program is more than just a provocative term; it's a grim reality that incentivizes violence against Jews. The money trail exposes a stark truth, one that the West must acknowledge and address before accusing the strong actor in the region Israel, for simply being strong.

Teaching Hate Instead of Peace

What's equally concerning is the education system within Palestinian territories. Instead of fostering a culture of peace and understanding, children are being taught that Israel has no right to exist. This incitement of hatred is based on the notion that the land was unlawfully grabbed from them. Yet, where's the proof?

Head of King David
Head of King David. French; Statue head

When referring to the historical presence of Jews in this land, one must remember the reign of King David, who made Jerusalem the capital of his Kingdom around the year 1000 BCE. But okay, if we insist that King David did not exist and that Jews have no history in the Holy Land, let’s focus on Palestinian history in this land. If Palestinians were here before the Jews, then who was their King before the age of television? The historical facts speak for themselves.

The Mainstream Media's Blind Eye

Despite the undeniable atrocities committed against Israel, the mainstream media continues to turn a blind eye to these brutal acts of terror. While a skewed narrative paints Israel as an aggressor, little attention is paid to the continuous harassment of Israeli families through rocket attacks, stabbings, and car-ramming incidents. When a young mother is gunned down while driving her children to school, or a father is killed in front of his family, the silence from international media is deafening. Israel's commitment to peace, its tireless efforts in protecting its citizens, and its firm stance against terrorism stand as a beacon of hope and justice in a world that often seems indifferent to the suffering of the innocent.

Television zombifies people through propaganda
Television zombifies people through propaganda. The puppeteer holds the puppets. Manipulating the crowd with the help of fakes, false information/Shutterstock

A Noble Fight Against Radicalism and Terrorism

The enemies of Israel are merely affirming that they have no interest in making peace - they want peace without Israel - on top of Israel. This rejectionist stance only shows their true colors.

Israel's struggle is not only against terrorism within its borders but against radical ideologies that have no boundaries. The fight against extremism transcends politics and geography. The Western world must recognize this and stand united with Israel in its fight against radicalism and terrorism. Because today Israel may be a victim of radicalism, but tomorrow it can knock at your doorstep.


Israel's battle is a reflection of the global struggle against terrorism. The misinterpretations and misguided accusations must be put to rest. It's time for the world to see the real issues at hand: a leadership that rewards violence and a radical culture that breeds hatred.

The noble fight against radicalism and terrorism is one that Israel must not face alone. The West must support this battle, recognizing that the enemies of Israel have shown no interest in peace. It's a fight for values, integrity, and the very essence of human dignity.

Together, we can strive for peace, standing united against those who would seek to divide and destroy. The fight is not just for Israel; it's a fight for humanity.

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Oct 27, 2023

Free Palestine.


Aug 27, 2023

Wünscht Jerusalem Glück! Es möge wohl gehen denen, die dich lieben. Psalm 122:6


Aug 23, 2023

Hello, I am very saddened each time I follow your page and find out that families are being hunted by the Palestinian terrorists. Truly, the Jewish people live very united and have very strong bonds and will and beleive God will grant them whatever they work for in life, and they worked very hard to get back their land. This should be appreciated and seen as a reward to their effort and continuity to help others as well. I want to see that land at peace with its full recognition to Israel and I believe it will happen. Love.

Oct 27, 2023
Replying to

I'm sure they'd be appreciated if they weren't committing genocide, but they are. So...

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