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Antisemitism Is Not A Jewish Problem, It's A Humanity Problem

Have we woken up in the 1940s? Because the surge in antisemitic threats and calls for the destruction of the Jewish state on U.S. college campuses is eerily reminiscent of some of the darkest chapters in human history. As a personal witness, the deluge of death threats and vile messages I receive daily, screaming for my people to be sent to gas chambers, is not only a Jewish nightmare but a stark betrayal of humanity’s progress.

People rally in London against Antisemitism
London, England, UK - November 26, 2023: Protestors attend the March Against Antisemitism (Shutterstock)

Let’s lay out the numbers: Jews constitute merely 0.2% of the world's population. Yet, the venom of antisemitism continues to spread, proving that this hatred is not a parochial issue but a pervasive threat to global ethics and morality.

The Bible has a word or two about this, with a stark warning from the ancient text: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed,” (Genesis 12:3). This biblical promise to Abraham, the Hebrew patriarch, underscores a divine principle of moral justice, hinting that those who perpetuate hatred against his descendants are not just picking a fight with a small group but with justice itself.

Consider the chilling moment involving Turkish MP Hasan Bitmez who, after declaring that Israel would ‘suffer Allah’s wrath,’ collapsed and died shortly thereafter. Coincidence? Perhaps. A divine signal? Possibly. But one thing is clear: Don’t mess with the God of Israel.

Antisemitism in the U.S.: A Rising Tide

In the United States, the situation is dire. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported a 400% increase in antisemitic incidents in just over two weeks following the outbreak of war in the Middle East, sparked by an attack from the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas on October 7. The year 2023 saw 8,873 recorded antisemitic assaults, harassment, and vandalism—marking the highest level of such incidents since the ADL began its tracking in 1979. In a country where Jews are but a small fraction of the population, these figures aren’t just alarming; they are a clarion call to action. The FBI’s hate crime statistics underline this crisis, with Jews disproportionately targeted relative to their small numbers. The "Free Palestine" movement sugarcoats itself in the language of liberation and rights, but a closer inspection reveals a darker reality of Antisemitism. The central chant of "Free Palestine" omits a critical detail: free from what, or more precisely, free from whom? For many advocates of this movement, the unspoken goal is to purge the land of its Jewish inhabitants, effectively erasing the Jewish state of Israel from the map. This is not a call for peaceful coexistence or a two-state solution, but a dangerous call of ethnic cleansing wrapped in the guise of activism. By ignoring and delegitimizing Israel’s right to exist, this movement reveals its true colors—not as champions of justice, but as proponents of a sinister form of bigotry that targets the Jewish people. Such rhetoric doesn't champion peace; it incites a conflict that perpetuates hatred and division.

Man wearing mask holding flag of Palestine while stepping on Israeli flag
NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - May 15, 2021: Pro-Palestine, anti-Israel protesters hold a rally in New York City during fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip (Shutterstock)

The Beacon of Hope

Yet, amidst this sad picture, there is a flicker of hope. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, exemplifies this as he proclaims the month of May as Jewish American Heritage Month in the state of Texas, stating, “It is imperative now more than ever that we stand in solidarity with Israel & the Jewish community. We will always stand in support of Israel & celebrate the role Jewish Americans have played in our great state.” Such declarations are vital.

Moreover, the Antisemitism Awareness Act (AAA) making its way through the U.S. House of Representatives signals a legislative awakening to the cancer of antisemitism, especially on college campuses. With bipartisan support, this act is a testament to America’s commitment to extinguishing the flames of racial and religious hatred.

To Be A Jew

To be Jewish today is to live under a microscope, constantly attacked for pretty much breathing. The exponential rise in antisemitic sentiment and action is not just a Jewish problem; it is a test for humanity. We are all diminished when hate flourishes.

Our collective response must be resolute. Standing up to antisemitism isn’t just about protecting a particular community; it’s about safeguarding the very principles of diversity, tolerance, and justice. As we navigate these turbulent times, let’s remember that supporting Jews and the Jewish state isn’t just a moral choice—it’s a commitment to a freer, fairer, and more just world for all. Humanity must rally not just in defense of Jews, but in the staunch belief that the curse of bigotry must be met with the blessing of unity.

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May 09

Concentrate and focus on Israel and make Israel better country for Israelis. Between half of million to a one million Israelis are living in the USA alone. You should visit south of California or south of Florida and you will see how many Israelis are living there. Canada has a huge Israeli diaspora, and their numbers are going up on year basis. Fight antisemitism in Israel and against corrupted leaders of Israel.


May 09

Love you Jews , true the eye,s off JHWH and the Messia : Jezus.

William ,Nederland ,city Goedereede


May 08


I stand with Israel, I stand with the Jews, the world is filled with hypocritical people, who will say one thing but mean another.

Surporting Israel is surporting humanity and that is our collective duty.

Surporting Palestine in it current state amounts to surporting terrorist.

Hamsa=Palestine currently


May 08

I Stand with Israel. Palestine is hamas, hamas = terrorists


May 07

May God Almighty continue to bless you Israel 🇮🇱 🙏 ✨️ ❤️

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