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Christian Lives Matter In Nigeria, But Not To The UN

In a world where the cry for justice often rings loud and clear, the silence in response to the persecution of Christians in Nigeria by radical Islamists is both deafening and deeply shameful.

Nigerian Woman Crying Next To Burial Ceremony
LEFT: Christian Nigerian crying at The Father’s House Church during the Awake Conference, June 2023. RIGHT: Burial ceremony of killed Christians

This stark contrast in global reactions—a vociferous condemnation of Israel for defending its citizens against attacks, while simultaneously ignoring the atrocities committed against Nigerian Christians—paints a troubling picture of double standards and selective outrage.

A World of Contrasts

Why does the world stand idly by as Nigerian Christians face relentless persecution? The situation in Nigeria is dire, with over 50,000 Christians having been brutally killed by Islamist extremists since the outbreak of the Boko Haram insurgency in 2009. Churches are burned, families are torn apart, and communities are shattered, yet the international outcry is muted at best. This indifference is a stark contrast to the global uproar that ensues when Israel defends itself against attacks from groups like Hamas, including the tragic events of October 7, where the world quickly pointed fingers at Israel for its defensive measures, rather than unequivocally condemning the Hamas terrorists for their unprovoked attacks on civilians.

I pray for the persecuted Christians in Nigeria. I ask you to join me.

The Plight of Nigeria's Christians

In the heart of Nigeria, Christians live under a constant shadow of fear and violence. Radical Islamist groups, including Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen, have waged a war against Christians, aiming to either convert them, displace them, or eradicate them. These radicals are saying - become like us or face death.

This violence is not just physical; it's a calculated assault on the very fabric of Christian communities, aiming to obliterate their history, culture, and presence in Nigeria.

Christians in Nigeria are massacred, and many more have been abducted, with churches and Christian schools being specifically targeted and destroyed. This relentless violence has led to the displacement of millions, with many Nigerian Christians living as internally displaced persons (IDPs) within their own country, stripped of their homes, livelihoods, and places of worship. In 2022 alone, the Crux reported that 90% of the 5,500 Christians killed worldwide were from Nigeria.

(Church attacked by radical Islamists in Mangu, Plateau-States. Source: X)

The silence and inaction of the international community and media in the face of this crisis are both striking and deeply problematic. While quick to condemn Israel for defending its citizens, the same voices remain eerily silent on the atrocities committed against Nigerian Christians. This selective outrage not only undermines the global fight against terrorism and religious persecution but also reveals a troubling bias that values some lives and rights over others. How can generations trust an international community that keeps its mouth shut when religious minorities are persecuted? Don't Christian lives matter in Nigeria?

A Beacon of Hope

What really inspired me is to see that despite the overwhelming darkness, there is still hope. Across Nigeria, Christians continue to hold onto their faith with remarkable resilience and courage. They gather in makeshift churches, pray in secret, and support one another, refusing to let their spirit be crushed by fear or violence. This enduring strength is a testament to the power of faith and the unbreakable human spirit.

Moreover, there is a growing awareness and advocacy for the plight of Nigerian Christians, with organizations and individuals around the world starting to raise their voices, demanding action and intervention from the international community. This burgeoning movement holds the promise of change, signaling that the silence can and will be broken.

The time has come for the world to stand united against all forms of religious persecution and terrorism, whether it's against Christians in Nigeria or Israelis facing attacks. The double standards must end, and a consistent, principled stand must be taken to uphold the rights and freedoms of all, regardless of faith or nationality. The international community must take concrete steps to support Nigeria in combating extremism, protecting its citizens, and ensuring justice for the victims of persecution.

The persecution of Christians in Nigeria is not just Nigeria's problem; it's a stain on the conscience of humanity. It's a call to action for all who believe in freedom, justice, and the dignity of human life. Let us not remain silent but raise our voices together in solidarity with the persecuted, for in their struggle, we find our own humanity tested and defined.

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Feb 23

I am so deeply sorry for your loss my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. May our God and Father pour out His healing and comfort balm upon you. ❤️


Feb 15

Dear brothers and sisters we are so sorry for what you are enduring. We are praying for you with everything in us. Be strong and keep your hope in the Lord Jesus Christ!


Feb 10

It's very sad, but as It's written. " The world will hate you for my name safe" world will not know peace until they get know the lord Jesus Christ. ❤✝️🫂🙌🏻


I love this ❤️

Thank you for speaking about the lives of we Christians in Nigeria.


Feb 07

Thank you for sharing. It will be worthy of note that once any community tries to defend itself, the Nigerian Army which has been heavily infiltrated with Boko Haram members will be ordered into such communities to kill the indegenes trying to defend their communities, while the Islamists are allowed a free hand to kill and destroy.

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